45 RPM Music Quiz

45 RPM Music Quiz
45 RPM Music Quiz
  • 45 RPM Music Quiz
  • 45 RPM Music Quiz

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This product is a 3 month subscription that is posted out weekly for you (Keypad games are downloaded). To find out more about this product please fill out the short form below and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible!


45 rpm is a new music quiz.The quiz comprises of five rounds of questions. The first and last rounds are audio rounds featuring ten separate categories; which are:

 Intros, 1990’s, TV Themes, 1960’s, Reverse tracks, 2000’s, 1970’s, At The Movies, 1980’s and Outros.


Round two is ten images of pop singers and bands with 20 full colour picture sheets provided in the kit.


Round three is four tracks of music in a connection round.


Round four is ten questions on general music.


The weekly kit contains a question and answer set, 20 NCR two part answer sheets and 20 full colour picture sheets. A music CD will be sent out fortnightly.


£10.00 + VAT per week