Waterloo Lives - Free Quiz Download

Waterloo Lives - Free Quiz Download

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Commemorate the Battle of Waterloo with this FREE quiz from the National Army Museum. 

The Duke of Wellington, The British Volunteer, The Gallant Hussar - for the last 200 years pubs have been linked to the battle in lots of ways. Not only were inns and taverns a site to recruit soldiers in the 1800s but following the battle many soldiers became publicans and would name their taverns after key figures or the battle itself. You might be following in their footsteps!

Thursday 18 June will be the 200th anniversary since the British and Allied Armies defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. Learn more about this historic event and those whose lives were affected by it with the Waterloo Lives quiz. Inspire your patrons to take part – questions will cover all subjects from history to popular culture.

The quiz includes 30 questions and 10 pictures and the PDF includes a printable answer sheet for your teams to play with.