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Sometimes, even the best plans don't work and you might need some help with the keypad quiz system or how to use the software etc.

So, what to do?

The first thing to do is check the:

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

there are updates and videos posted on there when things change or to address certain issues people often raise such as 'what kind of connector is on my laptop?' - so it's worth a look to see if we've already addressed the issue for you.

Submit a Ticket

The best way to ask a question is to click on our new help button which is at the bottom of this page and looks like this...

Sample Button

This brings up a form that you can then fill in with your name, email address and as much information or files that help describe in detail the issue you are facing.

This ticket then gets sent via the magic of the internet to our support guys - this is the fastest route to get to the people who can help. It even beats the phone as we monitor this all day and night and it goes to multiple people who are specialists in the keypad software.

You'll then get a reply and a reference number so you know who's dealing with the question and what the progress is. Make sure you add your phone number if it's urgent too and we'll call you if we need to.


So, welcome to the new button!