Weekly Quizzes

Are you looking for a special one-off event, a series of themed evenings, or perhaps a longer-term business-building idea for quieter evenings? Whatever you require, we have the right product for you.

 This website gives you a flavour of what our products have been designed to do. Making the right choice is  important, so if you need any help or advice just ring our back-up service on 01246 813713.





Making the most of your quiz night!


With 12-years’ experience behind us and thousands of weekly customers, we know a little bit about running quiz nights. Multi quizzes with multi winners turns your quiz into a “Quiz Night”. Below are some of our top tips on how to host a professional and fun quiz night that will have your customers returning again and again. 

- Make sure people know about your quiz night, posters are available from Redtooth. Also you can advertise your quiz night on Facebook, Twitter, word of mouth or local media such as radio and newspapers.

- Unless your pub is really small you will need a PA system. Make sure you can be heard in all areas of the pub.
Presentation is one of the major ingredients to a successful quiz night, the more showbiz and theatrical your presenter makes it, the better.

- Select a set night and starting time and stick to it. Try to finish on time too. We believe at Redtooth in holding a quiz night not a quiz. The first quiz of the night could be a hand out/table top quiz, free of charge to play with a small prize for the winner lasting approximately 20 minutes.

- Choose one of our great “round quizzes” or “Keypad quizzes” for the main event”. £1 entry per person for the “round quizzes” and £2 entry per person for the “Keypad quizzes” as a guide. The prize could be the money collected, meal vouches or beer vouchers either for just the winner or top two or three. The more winners you have the more happy quiz players.

- Keep the pace nice and even. If the noise level in a pub increases between questions, that normally means they have got the answer and are ready for another one.

- End the night with one of our big games, Lucky 13 or Keypad game Last Man Standing. Sell tickets for £1 each. Create a roll-over jackpot where possible.

- Remember Pub quizzes are all about showing off your knowledge “look at how clever I am”. Make people feel clever keep people entertained. “fun, fun, fun”.