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Making the Most of Your Quiz Night - Ten Insider Tips

With over 20 years of experience behind us and thousands of weekly customers, we know a little bit about running quiz nights. These are some of our top tips on how to host a professional and fun quiz night that will have your customers returning again and again...

1. Pick The Right Night
You know your venue, you know your surrounding area. Make sure that you’re choosing a night where you aren’t already busy, you’re looking to attract a new crowd to add to your existing clientele. Do other pubs in the area have a quiz or other events? Your choice is either compete on the same night or try and attract the quizzers from the surrounding area to your quiz on another night.

2. Pick The Right Quiz
Different pubs need different quizzes. What about your pub?
Does your pub want a traditional General Knowledge quiz? What about a specialist quiz – sports or music perhaps?
Choosing the right quiz for your clients is perhaps your most important decision. A more mature audience is likely to prefer a paper and pen based quiz, whilst a younger pub might enjoy the interactive keypad quiz. Redtooth have something for everyone - call us on 01246 813713 to discuss the best quiz for your pub.

3. The Quizmaster
Whilst your staff may excel at talking to people on a 1-to-1 level over the bar – they may not be ready to host the quiz using a microphone. Find your most extrovert member of staff who might be up for the task or see if there’s a local who is ideal for the job. All they need to run the night is in the weekly pack but make sure the microphone can be heard throughout the venue.

4. Preparation Is Key
Once your quiz has been delivered (normally 3-4 days before) – your quizmaster should read the quiz and ensure that they are happy with the questions/answers. Don’t be blindsided on the night of the quiz by the long words which will occasionally appear. Our question setters will try and arm you with any addition information you need for a successful quiz.

5. A Quiz Night – Not Just A Quiz
Every event in your pub happens for one reason only – to make money. Getting people through the door as early as possible and getting them to stay as late as is acceptable is the key. Treat your quiz night like a meal – A Starter, A Main Course and A Dessert. An early table top quiz for people to complete when they arrive; the main quiz as a centrepiece; a jackpot builder at the end. Eg. BODYPARTS – IT’S YOUR ROUND – LUCKY 13.

6. Money, Money, Money
People will pay a minimal cost for the quiz – how much is this? We’d recommend £1-2 per person who is taking part. Ten teams of 4 people at £2 each - £80. This will cover the costs of your quiz night, leaving you to profit from the bar takings.

7. Prizes
Prizes are important – they need to be worth winning, yet inexpensive. Giving a bar-tab or voucher keeps the prize in-house. A £50 Bar-Tab costs a lost less than £50 to the pub. Don’t give cash, people can spend this elsewhere! A smaller prize for the starter quiz (bottle of wine/fizz), bar tab for the main course, leading to a jackpot prize for the final part of the evening.

8. Shout About It
Redtooth can help with promotional materials such as posters – but don’t forget the opportunities of social media. Facebook and Twitter are amazing tools for promoting your night – get your information out there.

9. The Launch
Starting a new quiz? A big launch night is an option – maybe a special prize to entice the crowd in? If your budget allows – Redtooth can host your first quiz night, bringing along one of our friends from ‘The Chase’ or ‘Eggheads’.

10. Have Fun!
Running a successful night means one thing – have fun. Both you and your clients are there to have fun. Happy quizzers will return, week after week – they are creatures of habit! If you need to know anything else about your quiz night – just ask, we are here to help!


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