The Courtyard's Big Weekly Quiz - A Closer Look!

The Courtyard's Big Weekly Quiz - A Closer Look!

We sat down with the team to get the inside scoop on what makes their event a hit, featuring THE BIG WEEKLY Quiz.

The Courtyard

Q: How did The Courtyard's Quiz Night come about?

A: In 2019, we wanted to amp up the fun at The Courtyard and thought a Quiz Night would be perfect. We started THE BIG WEEKLY Quiz and knew it was the one!

Q: What sets THE BIG WEEKLY Quiz apart?

A: It offers a mix of questions that appeal to everyone - history, sports, pop culture, you name it. People love the variety.

Q: How do you promote your Quiz Night?

A: We use social media and hand out flyers during the day. It helps get the word out to the community.

Q: Tell us about the Wipe Out Round.

A: It's a real crowd-pleaser! You pick the right answers from a grid, but one wrong answer wipes out your score. It certainly adds excitement!

Q: Your atmosphere seems fantastic. How do you create that?

 A: We want everyone to have a great time, so we make it friendly and welcoming. Laughter and bonding are a big part of it.

Q: How do you encourage bonding among participants?

A: We encourage friends, family, and coworkers to team up. It's about having fun together.

Q: How do you listen to your customers?

A: We talk to them and take their feedback seriously. It helps us improve the Quiz Night experience.

Q: Any advice for others thinking of hosting a Quiz Night?

A: Pick a quiz format people will enjoy, promote it well, and create a friendly atmosphere. Be patient and listen to your participants.

 Guests at the Courtyard

So, there's some tips from The Courtyard in Wickersley. A winning combination of diverse questions, friendly vibes, and listening to participants makes it an event to remember – to learn more about the BIG WEEKLY QUIZ or to order a trial pack – click here.



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