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The Big Weekly Quiz!

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Quizzes are posted to arrive in time for your nominated quiz night.

Call with any questions on: 01246 813713

This is a weekly suscription game - only available to Pubs & Venues.

All prices are + VAT.

Product description

The latest and biggest paper quiz game from Redtooth!

The quiz includes exciting new rounds such as the Wipeout and the Speed round and the chance to play a “Joker” card to earn extra points. There's lots of great game play and fun for the teams playing.

Our most extensive quiz to date with 100 answers and a running time of 2 hours, and every week brings a brand new set of meticulously crafted questions.

The WIPEOUT Round!
Featured as round one and played on a seperate gamesheet - each week there are 20 answers on the grid but only 10 are correct... you have to circle the 10 correct ones.  If you circle one that's incorrect - your score for this round is wiped out!

Here are 20 popular girl groups/girl bands, 10 have had at least one Number 1 hit in the Official UK Charts - circle up to 10 bands that have had a No. 1 UK hit but beware, circle one that has not and your score is wiped out!

 The Next 5 rounds are general knowledge rounds and after round 2 teams can play a 'joker' to double up on their points scored.

Top 5's feature next in Round Seven, there's five answers per question with a point scored for each correct answer and there's 5 sets of them!

The Speed Round - Round Eight is the final round and gied you a time limit of 5 minutes to get your heads down and think of the multiple answers to a question.

There are 20 answers for the speed quesion each week - here's an example quesion:
Can you name 20 James Bond movies in 5 minutes? - You get a point for each.

Check out the product images here for a sample of the gamesheet and wipeout round.

Each pack contains:

  • 15 x answer sheets
  • 15 x Wipeout sheets
  • Questions and answers


The quiz pack is sent out each week for you - either via Royal Mail or as a download via email. Select the option you prefer.

Please Note: This isn't an instant download but you will be emailed the file/link ready for your quiz night as each week is prepared. 

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The Big Weekly Quiz!