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Super 7 - Trial Pack

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This is a weekly suscription game - only available to Pubs & Venues.

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Product description

Super 7 is a variety filled multi round quiz with up to the minute content, giving it a fresh appeal. 

Round 1 - Hold The Front Page!

Ten questions on news and gossip from the last seven days.

Round 2 - Pot Luck!

Ten questions to test your knowledge on a wide variety of subjects.

Round 3 - Double Trouble

A round where a bit of cryptic thinking coupled with your general knowledge will hopefully lead you to the right answers.  Two parts of the answer will combine to give you one answer.

Eg. Summer Holiday singer and the first presenter of Countdown – two answers of Cliff Richard and Richard Whiteley would combine to give you….                    


Just make sure people know they are looking for a minimum of 3 words in their answer.

Round 4 - Anagrams

Fairly self-explanatory – five anagrams in this section.  Each week will be themed to give people a clue to what they are looking for.

Round 5 - I’ll have a ‘p’ please Bob

Ten questions where teams are given the initial letters of the answer (usually a phrase, film title, etc) and a special clue. 

Round 6 - Trivia Trial

A traditional General Knowledge based round with a twist – the last letter of answer 1 will be the first letter of answer 2, the last letter of answer 2 will be the first letter of answer 3…. and so on..

Round 7 - Who, What, Where, When

Five clues are given to the identity of a person, city etc. A correct answer after the first clue scores ten points, after the second clue eight points, and so on. 


Teams decide when to hand in their answers sheets in the final round.

The quiz will last for approx 60 minutes with breaks.


The weekly pack contains:

20 answer/score sheets

A question and answer set


£6.45 + VAT per week.


Additional answer sheets (per ten)

80p + VAT per week.

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Super 7 - Trial Pack