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Quizzes are posted to arrive in time for your nominated quiz night.

Call with any questions on: 01246 813713

This is a weekly suscription game - only available to Pubs & Venues.

All prices are + VAT.

Product description

Creative ideas to start up from cold and get any event going. Ideal as tasters before the main event, or as entertaining fun ideas in their own right. They can operate as pre-quiz games, stand alone bar quizzes or fun fillers while waiting for a meal.


Unscramble the photofit and match the body parts of the ten celebrities to ten of the names on the quiz sheet list - there are two ‘sore thumbs’ on the list who don’t feature on the photofit.

The weekly kit includes 20 colour picture/question sheets and five answer sheets.


This game has been featured in the Independent Newspaper Puzzle Supplements.

£5.45 + VAT per week.

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