It's Your Round

It's Your Round
It's Your Round
It's Your Round
It's Your Round
  • It's Your Round
  • It's Your Round
  • It's Your Round
  • It's Your Round

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This is A Subscription Product

This product is a 3 month subscription that is posted out weekly for you (Keypad games are downloaded). To find out more about this product please fill out the short form below and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible!


Currently played on a weekly basis by over 1,300 pubs nationally. This quiz comprises six unique rounds to give unrivalled variety.

New questions are compiled for each day of the week so no other venue will be asking the same questions on a different day.

The quiz will last for approx 90 minutes with breaks.

The Rounds:

A full colour picture sheet is handed to teams to play. Recognise the famous faces from the world of TV, films, sport, fashion, business and politics. Copyright clearance has been obtained on ALL images used by Redtooth in their quizzes.


Read all about it
Ten interesting questions on news and gossip from the last seven days.


Top five
Two questions with five-part answers, such as: Which five words representing letters in the phonetic alphabet are also boys’ names?


Alpha links
If answer 1 begins with the letter ‘D’ then answer 2 will begin with the letter ‘E’, answer 3 with the letter ‘F’ and so on. After ‘Z’ the next one begins with ‘A’.


Four questions on general knowledge with a theme – spot the theme that connects them to score a fifth point. (An explanation of the connection is also provided.)


Wipe out
Ten questions on general knowledge… answer as many as you like, but beware - get one wrong and you score nothing! All ten right, and get a bonus of five points. 


The weekly pack contains:

  • 20 full colour picture sheets
  • 20 answer/score sheets
  • A question and answer set


£7.85 + VAT per week.


Additional answer sheets & picture rounds (per ten)

£2.20 + VAT per week.